Monthly Archives: September 2013

Rough Training Plan






I’m no Joe Friel, but this is the direction I’m going with my training plan in preparation for my Sprint Triathlon on 10/20/13.  The biggest addition is speed work on my running since that is my limiter.

I have also re-introduced swimming into my training, which is something I haven’t done in a very long time.  I don’t believe there is much speed overall to gain here since I am a pretty decent swimmer naturally without much training.  Could I pick up 30-50 seconds with 3x a week training?  Probably, but I believe I could make more significant gains in the bike and run given the same time.  If I had more time to commit, I would.

I’m definitely interested in feedback on the plan.  Leave me a comment or hit me up elsewhere with any feedback!


New Runs…

I’ve done a few of short runs since my last update.  One quick and hard interval run, which I alluded to in my last post.  Although it was done on my treadmill, it was an 4×400 interval workout at a good clip of around 7:20-7:30 pace.

The second was a steady state 3 mile run, which found me surprising sore.  I shouldn’t be so surprised, though, given my relatively hard weekend (that included a tough ride as well).

Finally, a slow run got knocked out this morning which was supposed to be the “long” run of the workout.  You know that feeling when you body is telling you that it doesn’t want to be a part of what you’re doing.  That was coming through loud and clear in the form of soreness and various parts “talking to me” as Dr. Maloy would put it.  From IT Band to Achilles, I knew this was no time to push it.  It’s cool… I can cut short and live to fight another day…

Anyway, no long pontification this time…. here are my quick runs.  Enjoy: