Monthly Archives: June 2019


A few weeks ago I had a staff writer for the Best Buy communications department reach out to me about writing a story detailing my educational journey over the past few years. I’ve posted about it on Facebook before, but for those who don’t know I completed my Bachelor’s and got my MBA; both on full-ride scholarships I was awarded by Capella University in partnership with Best Buy.

I didn’t think much about it when I gave the interview, but the response has been overwhelming. Beyond the likes on social media have been tons of comments, texts, phone calls, and other ways folks have reached out. It is a very foreign feeling being told that you have inspired someone, especially someone you’ve never met.  It has been even more jarring to be told I am an inspiration by individuals upon whom I have cast reverence and awe, leaders I aspire to imitate one day.

This has had me thinking lately about the ways that each of us has the ability to inspire others.  One of my driving forces in continuing my education was inspiring Bennett to one day follow my example.  If there can be an unintended ripple effect with that seemingly simple goal, we can all seek to find opportunities to create ripples in our own spheres of influence.  You are more inspirational than you believe possible, and have more people watching than you know.  Tell the stories of your big triumphs and your small victories – you never know who needs a subtle reminder of what they, themselves, are capable of accomplishing.

Best Buy employee earns 2 degrees thanks to education partnership