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New Runs…

I’ve done a few of short runs since my last update.  One quick and hard interval run, which I alluded to in my last post.  Although it was done on my treadmill, it was an 4×400 interval workout at a good clip of around 7:20-7:30 pace.

The second was a steady state 3 mile run, which found me surprising sore.  I shouldn’t be so surprised, though, given my relatively hard weekend (that included a tough ride as well).

Finally, a slow run got knocked out this morning which was supposed to be the “long” run of the workout.  You know that feeling when you body is telling you that it doesn’t want to be a part of what you’re doing.  That was coming through loud and clear in the form of soreness and various parts “talking to me” as Dr. Maloy would put it.  From IT Band to Achilles, I knew this was no time to push it.  It’s cool… I can cut short and live to fight another day…

Anyway, no long pontification this time…. here are my quick runs.  Enjoy:

On the hunt for 5K Speed 8/28/13

Today I got out for a quick 5k run. After spending all spring/summer going long (for me) in preparation for the Half Marathon distance, I now have a sprint triathlon on the calendar as an “A” race. 250yard swim, 16mi bike, and 5K run in the Monster Triathlon on 10/20/13. This is a great race that I have done before. I want to really challenge myself to get on the podium this time around. Always difficult, but now in a more competitive age group (30-34), it’s going to really depend on who shows up to race. One thing is for sure, however, and that is the fact that the run is my limiter. The swim in this race is short enough that it is almost inconsequential – the time difference between myself and the fastest of swimmers will be only a minute. The bike is my strength, and with my new bike I feel pretty confident that I can post one of the fastest bike splits of the day. That leaves the run, which is where my work lies between now and the race. It’s not the distance that is the problem, it’s pushing myself for speed.

Today I set out without much of a plan. This is a major downfall of mine, which I need to solve quickly. I need a solid plan for improving my 5k run time. Expect another post specifically on this in the near future with the details of the plan. I have trotted away hundreds of miles just going along at a comfortable pace. Runners affectionately call this LSD, or long-slow-distance (sorry to disappoint!) I expect that my speed work plan will include some track workouts with hard intervals.

After I got going today and was feeling good, I just set a goal to negative split my run overall. A negative split is simply running faster on the second half than the first half. This seemed reasonable but challenging when putting up a 9:15 first mile. Then the second mile came in at 9:02. At this point I was definitely feeling the work I had put in, but also had the nagging voice in the back of my head saying to “HTFU Buttercup, it’s only 5k”. Obviously I haven’t been running enough. In a snap I made a slight adjustment to my goals and set out to make each mile faster than the last. Since I only had one mile to go, that meant doing it in under 9 minutes. No problem. 8:24 for the third mile and then a quick 0.1 mile wrap up to do the full 5k at an 8:16 pace and I called it a day. 27:30 total, which is anything but blazing fast even for me. I felt like a I put in good work, however, and more importantly my body did not complain. After being in to see Dr. Maloy twice in preparation for the Hotter’n Hell with IT Band issues, Calf Issues, and Hamstring Issues I was good with it! Bike fit is dialed in and I’m feeling ready to get on a strict training plan and see some gains over the next 2 months.

Monster Triathlon here I come.

Road Closed 8/17/13

You know, it’s pretty rude to close an entire road without letting anyone know!  C’est la vie  in the urban sprawl and never ending construction that is Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Not to worry, though, since there’s always another road waiting to be enjoyed.

The nice thing is that it turned out to be best that my ride got cut a few miles short.  I was on my road bike today, which I haven’t been riding much lately.  With the Hotter Than Hell coming up out of nowhere, I wanted to get some time on it.  Joe Friel recommends a bike fit once a year, and clearly he knows what he’s talking about.  It has been nearly two since I had a fitting done on that bike.  Today I started getting some knee pain in my left knee that was enough to impact the amount of power I was putting on the pedals.  It definitely shows in my average HR on the ride.  I’m going to make some basic adjustments that appear to be what is needed based on this handy chart provided by

I know from previous experience and work with Dr. Maloy that 99% of the time, any discomfort experienced on the bike is an issue with fit.  There are many moving parts to a proper bike fit, and small adjustments make a big impact.  I’ll get the full treatment done, but hopefully I can get myself through next weekend on my own.

Anyway, back to my ride.  After a quick turn-around due to the closure, I took off to the East and enjoyed a loop that is frequented by many local cyclists.  Seeing more fellow cyclists than cars on a ride is definitely something I enjoy.  I snapped this pic on my way home on one of my favorite roads.

Here’s the Strava info from the ride today.  No power data because I was on the Madone.  (Although this evening I moved my quarq power meter over and now have the ability to swap it between the Madone (road bike) and Speed Concept (Triathlon/Time Trial bike).