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Morning quickie (run that is) 8/12/13

Do you ever wake up RIGHT before your alarm goes off and think to yourself “damn I could have slept longer!”  Me too…

This morning I felt pretty good springing out of bed, so I went and knocked out a quick 20 minutes out.  Perhaps this article about 7 ways to fit training in your life, by Matt Fitzgerald, had an impact.  Specifically the consistency piece, as he notes that many athletes don’t consider anything less than a “full workout” to be useful in reaching your goals.  I don’t know that I believed that 100%, but I would definitely use it as an excuse.  “There’s no use going out, I even have time for 5K…”

A couple of quick miles, a shower, and breakfast later I’m feeling more than ready to start my day and make the most of it.  It’s also worth noting that a run in the morning is the perfect excuse to wear compression socks all day – bonus! Check out the article (link above) and let me know what you think!

Here’s the nitty gritty on the workout:

Saturday morning run 8/11/13

Had planned on doing a decent length ride, but my legs told me otherwise when I woke up. Plus, we were a little time crunched with needing to get up to Wichita Falls by lunch time. A 5-miler seemed like a good alternative, especially with the disaster that was my last run. I know I could put a mark in the ‘W’ column to make up for that!

Nothing too exciting to note. I really do need to pay my dues for the McKinney Running Club – that conveniently placed water stop really is pretty awesome at Ridge/Glen Oaks. Thanks guys!

2 Bikes 1 Route Weekend 8/3 – 8/4/13

More to come on my thoughts around the FLO30 wheels (i.e. glowing review to come).  This weekend started with a new little loop I mapped out on Garmin Connect.  I was looking for something a little less country and without the “out and back” feel.  This worked out pretty well and comes in just under a 40K distance.  It’s a great route for a short ride when I’m feeling time-crunched.

Day 1 was on the ole road bike, which has been terribly neglected since the TT bike entered the picture.  Totally awesome!  I really miss this bike sometimes.  It just handles so well, climbs like a dream, and has far few “oh shit” moments when the wind gusts.

Day 2 just seemed like a great day to complete the weekend with a comparison test.  While Day 1 was the Madone with the new, shallower, FLO30 wheelset. I already had my deeper, FLO60/90 combo on the Speed Concept so I decided to just hit the road.  I was around 1mph faster, which was to be expected (actually I expected more).