Road Closed 8/17/13

You know, it’s pretty rude to close an entire road without letting anyone know!  C’est la vie  in the urban sprawl and never ending construction that is Dallas/Ft. Worth.  Not to worry, though, since there’s always another road waiting to be enjoyed.

The nice thing is that it turned out to be best that my ride got cut a few miles short.  I was on my road bike today, which I haven’t been riding much lately.  With the Hotter Than Hell coming up out of nowhere, I wanted to get some time on it.  Joe Friel recommends a bike fit once a year, and clearly he knows what he’s talking about.  It has been nearly two since I had a fitting done on that bike.  Today I started getting some knee pain in my left knee that was enough to impact the amount of power I was putting on the pedals.  It definitely shows in my average HR on the ride.  I’m going to make some basic adjustments that appear to be what is needed based on this handy chart provided by

I know from previous experience and work with Dr. Maloy that 99% of the time, any discomfort experienced on the bike is an issue with fit.  There are many moving parts to a proper bike fit, and small adjustments make a big impact.  I’ll get the full treatment done, but hopefully I can get myself through next weekend on my own.

Anyway, back to my ride.  After a quick turn-around due to the closure, I took off to the East and enjoyed a loop that is frequented by many local cyclists.  Seeing more fellow cyclists than cars on a ride is definitely something I enjoy.  I snapped this pic on my way home on one of my favorite roads.

Here’s the Strava info from the ride today.  No power data because I was on the Madone.  (Although this evening I moved my quarq power meter over and now have the ability to swap it between the Madone (road bike) and Speed Concept (Triathlon/Time Trial bike).

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